Rakusuien Garden, Fukuoka
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Rakusuien Garden, Fukuoka

Rakusuien is a small but beautiful Japanese garden located in central Fukuoka, near Sumiyoshi Shrine. The garden also has traditional tea rooms which can be booked for private events. It’s a relaxed and peaceful place to look at blossoming trees in the spring and fall leaves in autumn. The park features a loop path, crossing …

Maneki-neko beckoning cats at Gotoku-ji temple
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Gotoku-ji Temple

In the Setagaya district of Tokyo, in a quiet residential area, there is a real hidden gem of a temple. The Gotoku-ji buddhist temple is not amongst Tokyo’s biggest tourist magnets – probably because it’s located a bit away from everything else. However it has something really unique to offer: thousands of Maneki-neko figures (beckoning …