Mitakidera, Hiroshima. ©
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Mitakidera Temple

Mitakidera temple (三瀧寺) in Hiroshima is an atmospheric Shingon buddhist temple dating as far back as 809. The temple grounds have three water falls, which have given the temple the name “Mitakidera” literally meaning “three waterfalls temple”. The buildings are spread along a small path which leads up through the beautiful mountainside forest. The temple …

Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine. ©
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Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine

The Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine in Hiroshima is a shinto shrine dedicated to the former edo-period shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa, the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate (1603-1868). The shrine is beautifully located at the foot of mount Futabayama. The Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine was first constructed in 1648 by Mitsuakira Asano, who at the time ruled the Hiroshima …

Night view of Hiroshima as seen from the Peace Pagoda. ©
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Hiroshima Night View and Peace Pagoda

Hiroshima is quite a flat city, yet there is one spot in the central city where it is possible to get a panoramic view over Hiroshima; from the Peace Pagoda located at the top of mount Futabayama, just one kilometer from Hiroshima Station, there is a magnificent panoramic view of the city. Hiroshima is a …

Okonomi-mura, Hiroshima. ©
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Okonomi-mura Hiroshima

Okonomi-mura in Hiroshima is an Okonomiyaki restaurant complex – sometimes called a theme park. Okonomiyaki is Hiroshimas savory signature food, and at Okonomi-mura hungry visitors can choose between 24 different Okonomiyaki restaurants spread on 3 different floors. In what appears as a regular building in central Hiroshima, a true heaven for Okonomiyaki lovers is hidden. …

Shukkeien Garden, Hiroshima. ©
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Shukkeien Garden

Shukkeien Garden (縮景園) in Hiroshima is a beautiful Japanese landscape garden, dating back to 1620. The gardens name, which translates to “shrunken scenery garden”, hints at the landscape style used. The garden also features a plum grove which is especially beautiful in February when the plum trees blossom. The miniature landscapes of Shukkeien Garden are …

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. ©
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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is dedicated to remembering the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. It serves to document the tragic attack and to tell the stories of the horrors experienced by the survivors. Numerous objects and photos are displayed, giving a very visual and frightening insight into what happened in Hiroshima on August …

Hiroshima Peace Park. ©
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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park (Hiroshima Heiwa Kinen Kōen) located in central Hiroshima is a park dedicated to remembering the nuclear attack on the city in 1945, and those who died during or following the bombing. The park, which is one of Hiroshima’s most visited sites, contains a large number of monuments, museums and memorials. The …