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18 Temple Stays in Koyasan

Discover the tranquility and authentic atmosphere of temple lodgings (shukubō) during your visit to Japan! In Japan, select Buddhist temples welcome pilgrims and tourists to stay for one or more nights on the temple grounds. These temples usually have dedicated guest rooms, and a stay will often include meals and an invitation to participate in …

Kyushu North to South 14-day Itinerary. © Touristinjapan.com
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Kyushu North to South 14-day itinerary

This itinerary takes you from north to south through Japan’s southern most main island, Kyushu in 14 days. All the way from the bustling metropolis of Fukuoka in the north, over the historic and picturesque pottery village of Arita, the culturally diverse Nagasaki, steaming onsen baths on valcanoes, and to Kagoshima’s active volcano Sakurajima and …

Mt Fuji Ryokans with Private Outdoor Onsen Baths. Photo by Manuel Cosentino.

14 Ryokans with Private Onsen and views of Mt Fuji

Explore the charm of traditional Japanese inns near Mount Fuji with this list of top ryokans. These places offer private outdoor hot spring baths (onsen) and have rooms available with direct views of the stunning Mount Fuji. Get ready for a memorable experience! View hotels on a map Staying in a ryokan with an onsen …

Traditional Ryokans in Kyoto
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10 Traditional Ryokan Hotels in Kyoto

The beautiful city of Kyoto was the capital of Japan for over a 1000 years, and is probably the most visited city in the country today. With an incredibly rich history, uncountable ancient buildings and more than 1600 temples, Kyoto was spared during the second world war, and has become the historic center of Japan and …

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Tokyo’s Unique Hotel Haven, 5 unusual hotels

Tokyo, the vibrant and bustling capital city of Japan, is renowned for its captivating blend of traditional culture and modern innovation. As a global hub of art, technology, and entertainment, it’s no surprise that Tokyo is also home to some of the world’s most unique and avant-garde hotels. In this post, we invite you to …

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The Former Japanese Navy Headquarters

Kaigungo, known as the “Former Japanese Navy Headquarters” is the underground air-raid shelters and headquarters used by the Japanese Navy during the Battle of Okinawa in the second world war. The facilities are open for visitors today, as part of a museum with the same name. Book Activities in Okinawa Hotels in Okinawa Car Rental Okinawa  Visiting …

Tohoku Ryokans with Private Outdoor Onsen Baths. Photo by Koichi Hayakawa. CC BY-SA 2.0.
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16 Ryokans with Private Onsen in Tohoku

This article lists a selection of the best ryokans in Tohoku. All the listed properties have private onsen baths (indoor or outdoor). Tohoku is a great place to go for a serene and authentic Onsen experience. In this northern part of mainland Japan you find mountains, forests, undisturbed villages, very few tourists and plenty opportunities to soak in some amazing …