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The Former Japanese Navy Headquarters

Kaigungo, known as the “Former Japanese Navy Headquarters” is the underground air-raid shelters and headquarters used by the Japanese Navy during the Battle of Okinawa in the second world war. The facilities are open for visitors today, as part of a museum with the same name. Book Activities in Okinawa Hotels in Okinawa Car Rental Okinawa  Visiting …

Tohoku Ryokans with Private Outdoor Onsen Baths. Photo by Koichi Hayakawa. CC BY-SA 2.0.
Staying, Tohoku

16 Ryokans with Private Onsen in Tohoku

This article lists a selection of the best ryokans in Tohoku. All the listed properties have private onsen baths (indoor or outdoor). Tohoku is a great place to go for a serene and authentic Onsen experience. In this northern part of mainland Japan you find mountains, forests, undisturbed villages, very few tourists and plenty opportunities to soak in some amazing …

Okinawa Tropical Dream Center. ©
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Okinawa Tropical Dream Center

The Okinawa Tropical Dream Center is a botanical garden for exotic plants. The center has three huge green houses, and a vast outdoor area. The primary attraction is the large collection of more than 2000 exotic orchids. The outdoor area includes an observation tower where one can see the entire park and the ocean just …

Cape Sata in Kagoshima, most southern point of mainland Japan. ©
Kyushu, Nature

Cape Sata, Southernmost Point of Mainland Japan

Cape Sata, in Kagoshima Prefecture, is the southern-most tip of Kyushu and so the southern-most point of Mainland Japan. It is a stunningly beautiful cape consisting of jagged rocks and cliffs covered in lush green trees, and a classical white lighthouse overlooking the sea. There are great views over the ocean towards Yakushima. It is …

Kirishima Kurozu, Black Vinegar Production, Kagoshima Prefecture. ©
Food, Kyushu

Kirishima Kurozu (Black Vinegar)

Kirishima is a smaller city of around 125.000 inhabitants, located in Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyushu. Apart from being located in a true adventure land, between sea and volcanoes, it is especially praised for it’s many food specialties, including shochu and green tea. The most unusual and defining specialty of Kirishima however, is their black vinegar. …