Night View from Mount Inasa, Nagasaki. ©
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Mount Inasa, Nagasaki Night View

Mount Inasa (Inasayama) is a small mountain located on the western side of Nagasaki City. It offers one of Japans 3 best night views, and is completely free. Mount Inasa is relatively close to downtown Nagasaki, and is easily accessible by a scenic ropeway. The 333 meter high Mount Inasa is located very near Nagasaki‘s …

Kofuku-ji temple, Nagasaki. ©
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Kofuku-ji Temple

Kofuku-ji (興福寺), located in Nagasaki’s temple town district, was the first Obaku Zen temple in Japan. It was established in 1620 by a Chinese priest, as a place to pray for the safety of seafarers. It’s Chinese architecture makes Kofuku-ji stand out among Japanese temples and shrines. When entering Kofuku-ji temple it will quickly be …

Glover House, Nagasaki. Photo by Chris 73. CC BY-SA 3.0.
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Glover Garden

Glover Garden (グラバー園) is a park and museum, located on a hillside in Nagasaki‘s Minamiyamate area. The park, which belonged to the prominent Scottish merchant Thomas Blake Glover, has a magnificent view over Nagasaki city and harbor. It contains a number of old western-style houses, of which the most prominent is Glover’s own former villa. …

Nagasaki China Town. ©
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Nagasaki Chinatown

Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown is an area in central Nagasaki, which used to be home to Chinese traders during the Edo period. Today it is a typical colorful “chinatown” district, full of restaurants and shops. During the Edo period (1603-1868), Japan had a “closed country” policy (Sakoku). This policy meant that nearly all foreigners were prohibited …

Dutch Slope, Nagasaki. ©
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Dutch Slope, Nagasaki

The Dutch Slope, or The Hollander Slope, is a specific paved street leading up a hillside in Nagasaki‘s Higashiyamate neighborhood. The surrounding area was inhabited by wealthy western merchants after Japan opened it’s ports for foreign trade in 1859. The area still has a few original residences from that time, some of which can be …

Nagasaki Sofukuji Temple. ©
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Sofuku-ji Temple

Sofuku-ji is an Ōbaku zen temple located in Nagasaki City in Nagasaki Prefecture. The temple was constructed in 1629 to serve Chinese people living in Nagasaki. It later became Japanese, so the architecture is an interesting mix of Chinese and Japanese styles. The complex has numerous important cultural assets, among them two national treasures; the …