Yakushima Road Trip. © touristinjapan.com
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Yakushima 1-day Road Trip (around the island)

While Yakushima is known for it’s amazing hiking, it is also known for it’s many rainy days. If you run into a rainy day, or just want to rest your legs and experience more of Yakushima than the deep forests, then this 1-day road trip around the circumference of the island is just for you. …

Miyajima 1-day itinerary. © touristinjapan.com
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Miyajima 1-day Itinerary

Miyajima is widely considered one of the top 10 destinations in Japan. The sacred island off the coast of Hiroshima appears in almost every list of recommended places to visit in Japan, and for a good reason; it is extremely beautiful and charming. The world famous Itsukushima Shrine (UNESCO world Heritage), the tame Miyajima deer …