Sakibaru Beach, Amami Island. ©
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Beaches of Amami Oshima

Amami Islands, or Amami-guntō as the archipelago is official named, is a beautiful group of islands, located about mid-way between Kyusuhu and Okinawa. Amami is part of the Ryukyu Islands, just like Okinawa, but it is technically a part of Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyushu. The climate, nature and landscape has many similarities with Okinawa, including …

Yakushima Road Trip. ©
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Yakushima 1-day Road Trip (around the island)

While Yakushima is known for it’s amazing hiking, it is also known for it’s many rainy days. If you run into a rainy day, or just want to rest your legs and experience more of Yakushima than the deep forests, then this 1-day road trip around the circumference of the island is just for you. …