Tokyo Tower
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Tokyo Tower

Tokyo tower is a transmission tower located in central Tokyo. The tower, which is one of Tokyo’s most famous landmarks, has two observation decks which are accessible to the public against an entry fee.

Standing 333 meters tall in the middle of Tokyo, Tokyo Tower is really hard to miss. The tower’s red and white colors and it’s Eiffel Tower inspired design, really makes it stand out. The colors and design are much different than those of other structures in Tokyo, making it a clear landmark in the city. The tower, which has become a symbol of Tokyo, is loved so much that it has it’s own emoji ?.

History of Tokyo Tower

With transmission of public television taking speed in the mid-1950’s the Japanese government saw a need for a large transmission tower. The decision to construct a 333 meter (1092 ft) tall tower in the middle of Tokyo was taken to avoid having the city covered by many small antennas. One tower, tall enough to cover the entire region, was the preferred solution. Hence the construction of the Tokyo Tower started in 1957 and the official opening was in 1958.

Tokyo Tower became a symbol of the growing Japanese economy following world war 2. The design of the structure is heavily inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France but is 13 meters (43 ft) taller. As a matter of fact Tokyo Tower was the tallest structure in Japan from the time of it’s construction until the construction of Tokyo Skytree in 2012.

Fun fact: a third of the steel used for the tower came from old american tanks used in the Korea war.

Observation Decks of Tokyo Tower

Tokyo tower has two levels of observation decks which an be accessed with the purchase of a ticket. The main deck is at 150 meters (492 ft) and covers two floors. At 250 meters (820 ft) there is a second, much smaller observation deck which requires an additional ticket. Both observation decks are accessed via elevators from the FootTown shopping center which is located directly under the tower.

Entry fees as of 2018 are ¥900 to access the main deck or ¥2800 to access both decks. I do think the tickets are a little costly considering that the free Tokyo Government Building Observation deck is at 202 meters, which is higher than the Main Deck and nearly as high as the top deck. Tokyo tower is however a beautiful landmark worth seeing.

If you have your heart set on the Tokyo Tower observation decks, then I really recommend booking a ticket in advance. It might save you some time. Book your ticket here in advance and get a 6% discount.

Tokyo Tower seen in the background behind Zojo-ji temple.
Tokyo Tower seen behind Zojo-ji temple.

Getting there

By JR train: take the “Yamanote Line” to Hamamatsuchō station. From here it’s a 15 minute walk to Tokyo Tower.  This is a free option if you travel on the Japan Rail Pass.

By Toei Subway: take the “Mita Line” to Onarimon station. From here it’s a 10 minute walk to Tokyo Tower.

By Tokyo Metro: take the “Hibiya Line” to Kamiyacho station. From here it’s an 8 minute walk to Tokyo Tower.

Cover photo: licensed under CC. Credit: Wilhelm Joys Andersen,

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