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Kuronagi Onsen

Kuronagi Onsen is a secluded Ryokan and onsen located remotely in the forests of the Kurobe Gorge, in Toyama prefecture, Chubu. It sits on a riverbank, cozily nestled between tall trees, and with a view of the steep, foresty mountainside across the river.

This classic, but basic, Ryokan is isolated in a small side valley of Kurobe Gorge, and can only be accessed by foot. There are no roads leading to the building. One must take the Kurobe Gorge Railway to Kuronagi Station, and complete a 20 minute hike on narrow, slippery paths through the forest, to finally descent to the riverbed, where suddenly the Ryokan appears between the trees.

Tickets for Kurobe Gorge Railway

Kuronagi Onsen is the perfect place to spend a night or two, if you want to relax completely. Here you are completely isolated from the world, with no TV or internet – no contact to the busy world outside the valley. The only entertainment here is the sound of the effervescent Kuronagi River, the smell of the forest, the beautiful scenery and the feel of the mineral rich onsen water on your skin. When you book a night at the Ryokan, two meals are included – dinner and breakfast. Both meals are home cooked, traditional Japanese meals with fish, vegetables rice and more. It is truly a unique experience to stay here.

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There are two outdoor onsen baths which are located right next to the river. The smaller one is reserved for women, but there are fixed time intervals where men are allowed. The larger onsen, which is also the most picturesque, is mixed gender. Swimwear is permitted during mixed-gender hours.

Kuronagi Onsen is located near the hot spring that supplies the Unazuki Onsen bath houses. 2000 liters (528 gallons) of hot, onsen water is pumped out of the valley and down the the towns every minute.

All photos above © touristinajapan.com

Information about Kuronagi Onsen

Price (onsen) ¥ 700yen adults, ¥ 300yen children
Price (Ryokan): ~ ¥ 10,410 / person / night incl. 2 meals
Reservation: by phone or e-mail.
Hours:9:00 – 15:15 for visitors (700yen).
Only Ryokan guests are allowed between 16:00 – 20:00.

Getting there

By train (and hike): Take the Kurobe Gorge Railway (tourist train) to Kuronagi Station. From the station, follow the signs and hike for 15-20 minutes along the forest path. The hike is not mild, and should only be taken by people in good health. Get tickets for Kurobe Gorge Railway.

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  1. Garry says:

    Visited this magical place back in 2019. Lucky our two boys were with my wife & I (in our mid-60’s) to help with the luggage on the breathtaking trial up the mountain. What was most memorable was the sound of the pounding water all night while we slept on futons. The onsen was cute & the breakfast amazing. Has to be one of the worlds amazing places to visit.. The whole Rail & overnight experience was unforgettable

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