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Amami 2 day itinerary

Amami Islands, or Amami-guntō as the archipelago is officially named, is a beautiful group of islands, located about mid-way between Kyusuhu and Okinawa. Amami is part of the Ryukyu Islands, just like Okinawa, but it is technically a part of Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyushu. The climate, nature and landscape has many similarities with Okinawa, including the mild winters and hot summers. There are numerous beaches around the islands, and especially on the main island, Amami Ōshima, there are some stunning beaches which rival those found on the more southern Okinawan islands.

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This itinerary takes you around some of the most stunning beaches, unique nature and local culture that Amami has to offer. To enjoy Amami to the fullest, it is highly recommended to get a rental car.

Prepare yourself for an authentic island experience, which you won’t find anywhere else in Japan!

2-day itinerary Map

2-day itinerary Amami

Day 1

09:00Amami Museum
10:30Heart Rock
11:30Sakibaru Beach swimming
13:00Lunch at “masyu-yaduri” soba shop and salt factory
14:00Tanaka Isson Memorial Museum
16:00Tomori Beach or Ayamaru Misaki Kanko Park
17:00Cape Kasarizaki
18:00Gamouzakikanko Park sunset viewing

Day 2

Itinerary Details

Day 1 details

Amami Museum ©

Amami Museum

The day starts at the recently renovated Amami Museum which is located on the outskirts of Naze City. Here you will learn about the history, culture and nature of Amami Island, so you are well prepared to experience and understand the island as you travel around it in the coming days. The museum has some very interesting displays and artifacts.

Entrance fee: ¥310 (2020)

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Heart Rock, Amami Island ©

Heart Rock

The Heart Rock on Amami Oshima is a tidal pool, shaped like a heart. The spot has been popular for years, and is known as a power spot. It is a highly popular location for couples and good friends to take photos together. Start your day with love and good energy at this very instagram worthy spot. 

Entrance fee: free.

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Sakibaru Beach, Amami Island ©

Sakibaru Beach

Amami is famous for it’s stunning beaches, so of course you will experience some of the best beaches of the island during your trip. Sakibaru Beach is a stunning white-sand beach with crystal clear water and great views of the green hills surrounding the bay. This is, like the famous Tomori Beach, one of the best beaches on the island. Sakibaru is not accessible by bus, and therefore sees slightly fewer visitors. This makes it an even more magical beach. Perfect for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing in the sun, so bring your bathing suit and snorkeling mask!

Facilities: Parking, Outdoor Shower, Toilets

Entrance fee: free.

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Soba Shop, Amami Island ©

Masuyu Yaduri Soba Shop and Salt Factory

A short drive south of Sakibaru Beach, near the end of Utabaru Beach is a tiny salt factory. On the side of the factory is a small soba shop, which has a uniquely charming beach vibe. There are only a few seats and very few options on the menu, but the atmosphere and the view of the stunning beach across the road is absolutely amazing. Do yourself a favor and get your lunch here. It’s also a great chance to buy some of their salt, which makes a great souvenir. 

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Tomori Beach, Amami Island ©

Tomori Beach (option 1)

If you find that you are under time pressure, then choose between either Tomori Beach (option 1) or Ayamaru Misaki park (option 2). Tomori Beach is perfect if you want some more of Amami’s picture perfect sand beaches and are looking to cool down in the clear waters.  If you’ve had enough of swimming already, or if you are traveling with children, then Ayamaru Misaki Park may be your preferred option of the two.

Tomori Beach is a bright, white sand beach, backed by lush greenery. The beautiful turquoise water makes Tomori Beach worthy of a travel magazine front-page. It is one of the most stunning beaches on Amami, and is suitable for both swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. Accessible by bus or car. 

Facilities: Parking, Toilets.

Entrance fee:

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Ayamaru Misaki Park (option 2)

If you find that you are under time pressure, then choose between either Tomori Beach (option 1) or Ayamaru Misaki park (option 2). Tomori Beach is perfect if you want some more of Amami’s picture perfect sand beaches and are looking to cool down in the clear waters.  If you’ve had enough of swimming already, or if you are traveling with children, then Ayamaru Misaki Park may be your preferred option of the two.

Ayamaru Misaki is a small cape jutting out of the eastern coast of Amami island, only a couple of minutes north of the the airport. The cape hosts a large public park, Ayamaru Misaki Kanko Park, which offers a large play ground, an elevated observation deck and a very nice sea pool. The park has all the services you need, like vending machines, toilets and a cafeteria. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon, especially if you travel with children.

Entrance fee: free.

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Cape Kasarizaki, Amami Island ©

Cape Kasarizaki

Cape Kasarizaki (笠利崎) is the northern-most point of Amami Oshima. Kasarizaki lighthouse, which sits majestically at the top of the hill, has historically played an important role for sea navigation in the area. There are great views over the sea and the beautiful hills and white beaches of the island.

Entrance fee: free.

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Gamouzaki Park, Amami Island ©

Gamouzakikanko Park

This small “park” is not much more than a few old walking paths, a shrine and an observation deck. The view from the observation deck, however, is stunning, and with a direct western view over the ocean it is a perfect spot to watch the sunset, or the beautiful colors of the sky following the sunset. 

Entrance fee: free.

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Day 2 details

Amami Mangrove ©

Amami Mangrove Primeval Forest (canoe tour)

The day starts with a canoeing adventure at the huge Amami Mangrove. Here you will experience some of the nature which makes Amami Island such a unique island. 

Amami is home to Japans second largest mangrove forest, the Amami Mangrove Primeval Forest. The park is located on the eastern coast of Amami Oshima, and can be explored by canoe or boat. Guided tours are available from both the Mangrove Park and the nearby Mangrove Chaya.

Tour cost: Around ¥2000 per hour.

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Aranhachino Falls, Amami Island ©

Arangachino Falls

The Arangachino Water fall is not a large or very spectacular waterfall. Yet, tucked away behind a fruit orchard, up against the mountain side, it is quite a cozy little place making it worth a stop when you are in the area. 

Entrance fee: free.

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Kaiun Shuzo Shochu Distillery, Amami Island ©

Kaiun Shuzo Shochu Distillery

The Amami Islands are known across Japan for Kokuto Shochu, a type of distilled alcohol which uniquely uses brown sugar as a key ingredient. Kokuto Shochu is specific to Amami. Around the various islands of Amami there are many distilleries specializing in this unique variety of Shochu. Some of those distilleries have factory sales and tastings – some even offer reserved tours. Kaiun Shuzo Shochu Distillery is easily accessible and has regular opening hours, making it a good choice for visiting, tasting and shopping some bottled souvenirs. 

Address: 2920 Yuwan, Uken, Oshima District, Kagoshima 894-3301
Phone: +81 997672080

Entrance fee: free.

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Coast Road, Amami Island ©

Coastal Drive on Route 79 to Setouchi

Instead of taking the fast route over the mountains from Uken to Setouchi City on the southern part of the island, it is highly recommended to take the slightly slower coastal route 79. The drive from Kaiun Shuzo Shochu Distillery to Setouchi Port along route 79 takes just over an hour. 

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Setouchi Port, Amami Island ©

Setouchi Port (lunch)

Setouchi city is where the ferries depart Amami Oshima to the neighboring islands. Spending a few days on some of the other islands is highly recommended, but it requires more days than allowed by this itinerary. If you feel like expanding your itinerary, then add a few days, and take a ferry to the remote Tokunoshima and Yoron islands, or the nearby Kakeromajima, Ukejima or Yoroshima. 

If you stick with this itinerary, Setouchi Port will be the place to get lunch and watch the boats go in and out of the port, before you continue to the next stop on the list.

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Honohoshi Coast, Amami Island ©

Honohoshi Stone Beach

Honohoshi is not a beach for swimming or snorkeling. The waters are wild and the beach is covered in round stones. It is however an incredibly beautiful beach, and one of the few beaches on Amami which has smooth, rounded stones covering the entire beach. It is a perfect beach for meditation or scenery viewing. While Honohoshi Beach is beautiful in any weather, it becomes extra spectacular on a rainy and stormy day, when the raging waves create a spectacular show. The waves hammering against the cliffs, pulling the round, black beach stones in and out of the sea creates an amazing and wild soundscape, and leaves you in awe of the power of the ocean.

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Naze, Amami Island ©

Naze City

The day ends in Naze City, the main city of Amami Oshima. The center of the city has a small entertainment district with Izakayas, local restaurants and an old shopping arcade with small shops. Despite the city feeling quite sleepy, there are a surprising amount of open Izakayas and bars around. Walking around Naze feels a bit like being transported back in time to the 80’s when the Japanese economy and domestic tourism was strong. The worn down buildings and streets, the nearly empty streets and the occasional flickering neon signs make Naze quite a special experience at night. To taste some of the local beer, stop at the Golden Mile Hostel which serves local brews at their bar.

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Planning your stay in Amami

Tours, tickets and experiences

Internet on the go

Having an internet connection can help you a great deal when navigating the streets of a new city or a remote island like Amami. Booking Pocket Wi-Fi or getting a Japanese SIM-card for your phone can be a great way to help yourself out of a tricky situation or help you get the most out of your day.

Book portable WiFi

Transport around Amami

The best option to get around and experience Amami is definitely to rent a car. The bus system is limited in departures and destinations, so you might limit yourself if you rely on the bus.

The local bus company is called Shima Bus. Their website is Japanese only, but with a bit of help from google translate, or a local, you will be able to find the routes and schedules.

🔗 Shima Bus official website (japanese)

Getting to Amami

Amami is best reached by plane. Amami Airport (ASJ) is served primarily by Japan Airlines, but Peach and Skymark also have connections.

Japan Airlines fly to Amami Oshima from Osaka-Itami, Tokyo-Haneda, Fukuoka, Kagoshima and Naha. J-air also serves the islands Kikai, Tokunoshima and Yoron from Amami.

Peach Airlines have flights between Amami Oshima and Osaka-Kansai and Tokyo-Narita, while Skymark has flights from Kagoshima.

🔗 Amami Airport Website (english)

Book flights to Amami 

Plane landing at Amami Airport. ©
Plane landing at Amami Airport. ©

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